Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011

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White Pumpkin

This fall we look to understated elegance and a sense of innocence and purity, our inspiration; the white pumpkin. White Pumpkin is quickly becoming an autumn favorite. This tint's simplistic beauty adds an unexpected element of surprise to the traditional Autumn palette. With so much unrest and difficulty in the current economy, people are looking for peace at the holidays -- even at Halloween. White Pumpkin is calming and centering.

Images:  Stacy Garcia For Lebatex, image courtesy:, image courtesy:, Stacy Garcia For Lebatex

Bring this peaceful hue into your space with these tips:

1. White Pumpkin shouldn't be stertile, but warm and inviting.


2. White can be even more soothing and calming when paired with other natural elements and neutral tones. 

3. We're not only inspired by their color, white pumpkins can be used for chic seasonal displays. This elegant scheme works for any autumn event whether it be a Halloween or Thanksgiving gathering white can transition perfectly through various fall holidays.

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Going for the Gold

We are excited to dive into 2016 alongside a winning color, one that is luxurious, gleaming and resolute.

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